Never worry about your to-do list again.

All the AI-powered tools you’ll ever need,
all in one place, all supercharging your founder journey —
Starcycle is the co-founder of your dreams.

Task Agent

Whether it’s drafting new job postings, filling out paperwork, or research, our smart task agents can handle almost anything. Let us take care of the small stuff, so you can focus on the big picture.
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Starcycle AI Co-Founder AI Task Agents

Proactive task management

We continuously monitor your business movement and needs in real-time, and proactively surface items that need your attention. Your to-do list just got a lot smarter — and comprehensive.
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Starcycle AI Co-Founder AI Inventory Management

The boundless genius of AI on demand.

Collaborate with your new superstar founding team.
All the knowledge in the world at your fingertips.

Co-founder Chat

Co-founder Chat

Need a quick brainstorm or want something clarified? Send your AI co-founders a message, just like any other colleague. Turns out that meeting just needed to be a short text.


Quickly jot down tasks, meeting action items or ad hoc notes to our AI notepad and watch as we take your thoughts and turn them into action.


Already have a team? Level them up too with Starcycle — just send them an invite to join your workspace, and they’ll reap the benefits of collaborative AI too.

No dream is too big.

You just have to start.

Join 1000+ founders in unlocking the full potential
of your business with Starcycle.

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