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All the AI-powered tools you’ll ever need,
all in one place, all supercharging your founder journey —
Starcycle is the co-founder of your dreams.

Tailored for you

Questions designed to help you get to that big idea faster, tailored to the type of business you want to build. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll get the ball rolling.
Starcycle AI Co-Founder AI Business Planner

Make decisions faster

Starting any business means answering a lot of questions. Get to that big decision faster and start building sooner, with help tfrom our tried-and-tested process and hands-on experience.
Starcycle AI Co-Founder AI Business Planner

Hit the ground running

Market overviews, projections and forecasts, SWOT analyses — everything you need for the perfect business plan, all taken care of. What else are you waiting for?
Starcycle AI Co-Founder AI Business Plan PDF

The boundless genius of AI on demand.

Collaborate with your new superstar founding team.
All the knowledge in the world at your fingertips.



Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, and hello to expert financial insights — backed by full understanding of your business, powered by deep learning and pattern recognition.


Maximize productivity and revolutionize your operations. With data-backed predictive recommendations and task automation, you’ll stay on top of everything without breaking a sweat.


Never miss an opportunity again. We’ll automatically update your keywords and create content based on your business data, research, and social chatter, while staying on brand the whole time.

No dream is too big.

You just have to start.

Join 1000+ founders in unlocking the full potential
of your business with Starcycle.

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